View Health Details

In How's Mom: View Your loved one's latest health information
Senior care facilities decide which health records and information to make available to families. If there is a feature listed below that is not available in your How's Mom app, please contact your senior care facility and inform them of your interest in that information.
  • Medication Lists: Current list of medications, dosages, frequency, and reason
  • Vitals: Numerous vital readings such as heart rate, temp, blood pressure, blood sugar, pulse ox, weight and pain level
  • Conditions: Any change to current conditions and brief summary update of existing conditions
  • Lab Reports : View and download a summary of recent reports and lab results
  • Progress Notes: Updates on recent care conditions and treatments
  • Nutrition Orders: Listing of allergies and food restrictions. Updates on recent meals and consumption levels
  • Calendar: View upcoming events, appointments and attendees. 
  • Patient Demographics: Resident contact information, allergy conditions, primary family contact, & list of practitioners