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Senior care facilities decide which health records and information to make available to families. If there is a feature listed below that is not available in your How's Mom app, please contact your senior care facility and inform them of your interest in that information.
  • Medication Lists​: Current list of medications, dosages, frequency, and reason
  • Vitals : Numerous vital readings including temperature, blood sugar, weight, and pain.
  • Conditions: Brief summary of existing conditions
  • Nutrition Orders​: Listing of allergies and food restrictions. Updates on recent meals and consumption levels

Key Info for Users

  • You may not see all the health data shown here as it may vary based on the system and subscription used by the senior care center.
  • The health data shown is the latest recorded in the health records system.  Be aware health records can be updated throughout the day and may not update regularly at the same time.
  • We may experience unexpected interruptions in our health records integration that affects the data you can see.
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