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The How's Mom™ app is provided by your senior care center to help your family communicate with care staff and keep up-to-date on loved ones' in senior care.

You MUST BE INVITED by the senior care center to use How’s Mom.  If you have not received an invitation with registration information, please contact your care facility and ask them to sign you up!

Hows Mom

How's Mom Features

How's Mom is FREE for families and residents of care facilities.
Senior care centers subscribe to our service and create their family connections.

Hows Mom App

Mass Notifications

Get the latest on COVID-19 from your loved one's care center as well as notifications of important and emergency situations. With How's Mom, family members can be notified via text, email or in the How's Mom app, while the providers focus on caring and protecting your loved one.


Health Care Updates

Monitor your loved one's health information - such as current medication lists, vitals, conditions and nutrition.  Get notified when new information is posted and monitor care in real-time.


Appointment Scheduler & manage your appointments

Schedule and visit your loved one as senior care centers reopen from COVID-19 restrictions. 


Ratings & Feedback

Give your loved one's care center feedback on your satisfaction at any time to help them improve your and your loved one's experience.

Your version of the App may look different based on what the care provider has enabled in their subscription or set your permissions to be based on your role in the medical records. If you’d like to see more information please let your care provider know through the Family Feedback tile.

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How's Mom is used by hundreds of facilities in almost 30 states!